the happiest sadist
“That’s s-a-d-i-s-t, not s-a-d-d-e-s-t, you know. Lots of people don’t pronounce it correctly.”
I’m not saying we don’t need more women represented and ESPECIALLY with more intersectionality… because we do.
and even when those women are represented they’re racist/sexist/ableist/transmisogynistic/homophobic stereotypes a significant portion of the time if they even get more than two lines.
but if you think that media targeted at children never showed women breaking gender roles before Frozen and Brave, you need to go watch Kablam, because you meet June while she’s welding.
I’ve known other cool examples, but please add on to this if you want to! I’m just watching Kablam! on a whim because I’m sleepy and this stood out to me.
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sad sass w a side of fries
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for the fold, the number three
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When people ask how you’re doing at the end of the semester


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